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Studio 92 Music Team

The Team:

Eleine Tobias

Ernesto Melero

Jon Polido

Neil Tobias

Keenan "Professor N.A.N" Lathan

Rahlo Felix



JON POLIDO is the Marketing Director here at Studio 92 Music. As a marketing graduate from San Jose State University he has a range of marketing experience from bars/lounges, Internet companies, and the City of San Jose.

Once a mechanical engineering student, Jon, later found his calling and transitioned into marketing. After working closely with marketing departments of major automotive companies such as Dunlop tires, Valvoline oil, and Meguairs auto supplies it ignited his interest in marketing. He has a fascination with the strategic aspect of marketing and enjoys analyzing anything that could possibly expand his craft. Jon has a love for all types of music but his favorites are: Jazz, RnB, Hip Hop, and Neo-Soul. He enjoys introducing new music to friends and family to expand their music library. The reason Jon loves music is because he believes music is the one true universal language.


NEIL T. TOBIAS was raised in the Bay Area where artistic minds flourish; there was no doubt that his creativeness was going to grow into something great. He was only 13 years old when he found his love for graphic design where he would design logos, flyers and posters for local talent. Being so young and always grounded by his parents his skill level excelled without any restraints. At the age of 15 he decided to feed the masses of music lovers as a DJ, but that wasn't enough for him. The very next year he went in search of more knowledge and became a intern for HYPE Entertainment with artists such as Zion I & Planet Asia. He would spend his internship learning about music and editing artist music videos and promo reels. Today, all paths have led to one road. After years of working with different artistic media such as music, graphics and video, he would join Studio 92 Music as the Creative Director to create eye catching visuals that draw you in and get you lost in the music.

ERNESTO MELERO graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Radio & TV with an mphasis in Video Production. While attending SFSU he tackled on various roles such as a Director, Editor, Camera Operator, and Producer. As an intern at MYX TV he Co-Produced several episodes that were successfully broadcasted on Comcast Cable. His passions include editing and videography and he is always eager to take on new projects. Music impacted Ernesto's life so much that he became a DJ at age 16. So, if you see him behind the turntables at an event don't hesitate to say hello. With his experience in DJing he's capable of contributing his music knowledge to Studio 92. While balancing a busy schedule, Ernesto still manages time for himself. He enjoys photography, exercising, volunteer work, playing the guitar and piano, and he likes turtles.



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