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Frinly was born in Hattiesburg, MS on April 11, 1979 to his mother Ida Mae and father Henry Nelson Sr., whom he was then named after. He was raised in Columbia, MS in a small town called Hub. While music always played a major role in his life, it was the streets and his love for baseball (one of his many God given talents), that would shape his life and mold him into the artist he is today. Hub is a small town, which many would say was populated by the poverty stricken, where drugs ruled and was every body's main focus. Frinly's father, Henry Sr., to call him a "Bos" in those streets would be an understatement. It was only natural for Frinly to test the waters that his father had wade for so much of his life. Following in his father's footsteps came easily, but it wasn't long before he seen the prices that would be paid on money made so easily. Immediately after high school he enrolled into a local community college, to pursue his dreams of being in the Major Leagues. He tried to bring the street life to school with him, not wanting to give up the life style he had accustomed himself to. Not long into his freshmen year Frinly was kicked out for having large sums of marijuana stashed in his room. Not wanting to give up on baseball so easily he moved to Chicago, it was here that music (his first love) resurfaced itself after the re release of "Reasonable Doubt". In '98 he was back on his grind and back in the familiar streets of Mississippi.

By the Spring of '99 he formed a group, formerly called "Cheeky Boys", which included himself and 4 of his childhood friends. They began recording and doing shows all over the MS area. It wasn't long after dropping their first album "These Times", that the fellas started building a buzz and became neighborhood superstars. Opening shows for Southern mega hitters and getting lots of love from local radio stations, it seemed like super stardom for this group of 5 was right outside their front door. But like so many of our great artists, that door seemed it would never open, when their manager turned his back to the group and with no notice, left the guys to fend for themselves. Not knowing where to go from there, the group started to fall apart. Back to the streets, back to hustling, something that runs through his blood, Frinly went back to something he knew would work for him. He never stopped writing, he kept music held tightly to him, because he knew he had everything it took to be an elite artist and a true value to the South's Hip Hop community.

Later he hooked up with his big homie, Guy Williams, and together they formed "Lifeguard Network", their independent label. In '05 they dropped Frinly's solo album "Mississippi's Only Hope". With his single "Gone Bout Cha Business" Cds sold, his fan base grew and everybody including himself knew that he had something special. Standing out from other local talent Frinly did shows with people like Lil Boosie, 8Ball&MJG, the late Pimp C of UGK, Webbie, Gucci Mane, Jagged Edge, and Ludacris, just to name a few. Featured on local mix tapes and doing features for local artists, he tried to escape his past life through his music. Seeing that his talents could take him so much further than the streets alone could, he moved to the West Coast. Now...he's writing everyday, banging out the studio, while landing a major record deal. Making in this game is NOT an option. Its mandatory. He's doing this for the new generation growing up in the same streets he knows so well, so that they can see that with some motivation, determination, and a whole lot of hustle they too can have



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