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Youth For Peace is one of Passion Society’s programs. In 2004, Passion Society started as a nonprofit founded by dedicated individuals wanting to give back to their community, volunteer their talent and offer innovative music and performing arts program in Alameda County. Years later, our programs has transcended even our wildest wishes, filling us with great pride and motivating us to do even more. Our programs have been offered to over 40 schools and even include an international mission that serves children in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. We feel there is so much more to do. In an effort to continue to do more for our community, we started to focus on the community we live in, Alameda County, California.

We cannot deny the increase of violence reported by schools to the students that are dealing with it everyday. Youth for Peace was created to empower youth to improve their communities by reducing health disparities related to violence and ATOD use.

YFP Leaders will reach out to 5,000 youth by sharing their message through music and the performing arts. It integrates the performing arts and recording arts with a violence prevention message. It also provides an opportunity for youth to take their streets back from violence and inform their peers how they can make this change in their own school, home and neighborhood by performing the message in various schools and shows. During the YFP shows, youth in the audience will receive the freely distributed compilation CD to share with families and friends. The Youth For Peace project will give YFP Leaders a meaningful voicein the efforts to change community norms regarding violence and ATOD use.

Youth For Peace will provide youth a safe, supervised environment that assists them with the realitiesof their everyday life, guidance on how to deal with pressing issues, and the ambition to strive for positive opportunities that will drive them to attain their goals and ultimately, a better future. These programs provide a place where they can simply be themselves, be heard, be understood, and grow.


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