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Mae Muldez


Age: 15

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite movie: Easy A and White Chicks

Wish I could’ve seen in concert: Aaliyah, Michael Jackson

Who inspires you? Haven’t really figured that out yet

What power would you have if you were a super hero: Time Travel

Are you single? Yes, but not ready to mingle

What’s your motivation? Watching movies that are inspirational

What is your life goal? To achieve and be happy in life

What comes in your head before performing? “OMG THIS IS IT”

Who would you want to collaberate with: Drake

If you had a dream concert who will be in it: Everyone famous



My name is Mae Muldez, my birthday is on June 7th 1996 and I was born and raised in the Philippines and moved here in California in 2006. Back in the Philippines I had many curricular activities such as ballet, acting, dancing and singing lessons also did modeling and participated in pageants and competitions. I also did Ice Skating as my sport and traveled around countries to compete. But as for now, my passion for everything is singing and playing along with my ukulele. I like to post videos on Youtube for fun and when I grow up I want to be able to pursue my singing career but if not, I also want to be a flight attendant. Because I like airplanes and I love to travel and meeting new people. I love my family and my friends I am thankful and feel blessed for what I have in my hands and life and I could ask for nothing more.

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