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Age: 18

Favorite colors: Hot pink & lime green

Favorite movie: Role Models

Who would you wish to see in concert: Michael Jackson, Ray Charles

Favorite Artists: Dre, Jayz, Kanye, and Techn9ne

Super hero power: I wanna be Batman, but he has no powers

Are you single? Super single (only if my girlfriend isn’t reading this)

My motivation is my family: I just want my parents to never work again. Also I want to make myself a “Somebody” in this world

What is your goal: My goal is to have my own label and become a successful producer/engineer

What goes through your head before performing: Nothing really, just try and get excited and let the crowd feel my emotion.

Who would I would I like to collaborate with: Tech9ne

Who is on your dream tour: On my tour I would have Techn9ne, Tyler The Creator, Drake, Mac Miller, D-Pryde



My name is Brent Larson Jr., but everyone calls me Twitch instead due to the fact that I have Tourette Syndrome. I’m 18, Filipino and basically everything in Europe. I graduated in the class of 2011 at Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA. I’m originally from Tracy, CA, but moved to Brentwood for a better opportunity in school. I hated it, but if I never moved to Brentwood I would have never be where I am at now with my music career.

Music has always been a part of my family and my family has always been a part of music in one way or another. This influenced me give music a try. Church choir, school chorus, church musicals, basically anything I could do to perform in one way or another. Music is not the only love in my life I had another, Martial Arts. I’ve been doing Kajukenpo and Escrima Stick Fighting since I was 3 years old. It is one of the best investments I’ve ever made with my time and effort.

When I moved to Brentwood my freshman year of high school, my cousins boyfriend played the piano and I saw how beautiful it was to sit and play music with such passion. So I sat down one day and found that I have an ear for music, I can’t read music but I can learn almost any song within the hour. It is my stress relief (but mainly used it for the girls).

Friends witnessed me playing the piano and recommended me to a class in school called Digital Recording Studio with the most exciting teacher in school, Mr. Ernest. First day of class, I found my new love, Audio Engineering. I began staying after class and built up a friendship with my teacher, and learned everything I could in the amount of time I had.

I am not big on attention, so audio engineering was the perfect path for me in music. I could always be around music and at the same time not necessarily be in the limelight. I invested in a studio and I had friends who were incredible rappers so I practiced engineering on them. When they were busy and had time to myself I wrote my own songs and recorded myself. Rap became my second love from there on.

I now attend Pinnacle College in Sacramento, CA and am pushing to have my own label and studio by the time I’m 21, recording ALL genres.
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